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Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance provides a cash lump sum, tax free, should you be diagnosed with one of around 38 major illnesses or injuries and still live after 14 days of being diagnosed.

Even if you have Income Protection Insurance, you can only insure up to 75% of your pre tax income. This leaves a 25% income shortfall at a time when you will no doubt have additional medical expenses or consequential expenses directly attributable to the cause of the disability or Trauma.

Most people who suffer a serious disability will qualify for a trauma claim

The additional lump sum payment can help meet additional expenses, supplement income, pay off debt, allow for overseas travel, whatever you like.

Many people through early diagnosis of medical ailments and improvement in available treatments, plus new wonder drugs that are becoming available now and in the future are enjoying successful recoveries from many disabilities, but are not recovering from the financial devastation directly attributable to the health trauma.

Trauma insurance is also a must if you are not earning an income, such as a full time parent and/or do not qualify for Income Protection Insurance.

You do not have to be permanently disabled to qualify for a trauma claim, in fact you could call this survivor insurance.

I can help you ascertain how much trauma cover you should have in conjunction with a comprehensive personal insurance plan.

Cancer, Heart Attacks and Strokes account for the majority of Trauma claims.

Causes of Trauma claims that have been paid out on my clients include, various cancers including Bowel cancer, Breast cancer, Leukaemia , Brain Tumour, Heart Attacks, Kidney failure.

Contact me today for information on Trauma insurance cover for you.

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