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If you had a choice between taking your chances with your health or your family's health in the public health system and not knowing when treatment will be provided, if in fact it will be eventually provided, or by whom, or the choice of getting the major medical treatment you need without delay and performed by someone who comes recommended and qualified as a consultant, which option would you choose?

The choice literally is yours.

There were over 760,000 hospital admissions in New Zealand 2006 according to the health information service website.

I recommend a good Hospital insurance cover as opposed to a comprehensive Hospital and GP cover. The first reason is cost of premium. Why pay somewhere near double the premium just to have the right to claim GP expenses back? You still have to pay the GP on top of any additional premium for this cover just to get a receipt to make the claim. I have found over the last 20 of years of selling and servicing medical insurance policies that a lot of people tell me that they have not even bothered to claim GP costs, even when they could have. Why?, well they just didn't get around to it, is the most common answer.

I recommend you are better to just pay those out of hospital-GP costs as you go. Insurance is about covering the financial catastrophes, so as far as health insurance is concerned this means having 100% hospital cover so that you can afford to have the surgery you or your family needs straight away, by someone you trust and not have any financial concerns.

Another issue: We are living in times when new wonder drugs are being made available. Herceptin is a classic case. One medical insurer whose products we offer does not limit what they cover to the Pharmac drug list. This means that if your physician recommended a course of herceptin (for example) would be of benefit to you or your loved one, this company will pay for it. What is more, the insurer cannot change that policy wording on you, that's a guarantee in writing.

I have dealt with all sorts of claims over the last 20 years for our clients from heart bypass surgery, heart valve surgery, and hip replacements to tonsillectomies to name just a few procedures.

I am ready to assist you and your family make the right decision for your medical insurance cover.

Nothing is more important than the health of you and your family and that's why having a Hospital Health insurance policy is a smart decision.

My team is also there to make sure any claims experience is a positive one when you buy your health insurance though Tobin Insurance Services. Let our experience benefit you.

Health Insurance, "better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it."

Ill Health or lack of Health Insurance is one of the top four reasons people go bankrupt. Source. Ministry of Health Economic Development Insolvency & Trustee Statistical Data 2005-2006.

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