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Employee Health or Life Insurance Benefit Schemes

I believe there are compelling reasons for you to provide a Health and/or Life insurance group scheme for your employees. Not only does it provide your staff with better access to quality healthcare and financial well being but, as an employer, it shows you value the health of your employees - your most important asset. Research shows that health insurance helps to:

  • Demonstrate you value your staff
  • Attract high calibre employees
  • Improve staff retention
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve productivity

Providing value to staff - Subsidised health or Life insurance is a relatively low cost employee benefit that is highly appreciated by employees. Health insurance sends a positive message to employees about the culture of the organisation and how much they are valued. This positive message is reinforced every time an employee makes a claim.

Attracting high calibre employees - In the current economic environment, a major concern for organisations is to attract and retain high calibre employees. Providing subsidised health insurance for your employees positions your organisation as an employer of choice.

Improving staff retention - Subsidised health insurance can create positive feelings and loyalty towards your organisation and is an important reminder to employees of their bond with your business. 65% of employees surveyed who have Southern Cross health insurance indicated they were more likely to remain with their current employer as a result of their subsidised scheme.*

Reducing absenteeism - Research has shown that as a result of receiving prompt medical attention, Southern Cross members took 14 days off work due to illness compared to uninsured New Zealanders who took an average of 48 days off work.*

Improving productivity - Stress and illness affect productivity. Uninsured New Zealanders experienced on average 35 days of "high stress" while waiting to be treated. With Southern Cross members, less than 8 days of "high stress" was associated with waiting for treatment.*

* TNS research findings, July 2004

Any employer that gets the opportunity to attend an employment grievance hearing will appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate they are a caring employer, by having a quality employee benefits scheme.

Contact Jeff Tobin CLU, ANZIIF( Snr Assoc) CIP, to discuss how an employee benefits scheme is affordable and can help improve your bottom line.

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